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Batter Mixing Systems

Capacity output range: 1500 to 3600 pounds of batter per hour

Our high speed low shear mixing impeller requires only two minutes to produce a smooth well aerated batter. Our mixers use a unique impeller which produces low shear on the batter, resulting in better product texture. The key to good pancakes starts at the mixer and accurate addition of ingredients. The mixer is mounted on load cells and the weighing of ingredients can become fully automatic even when the mixing impeller is operating. Our blenders are used when fruit or similar particulates need to be folded into the batter thus greatly reducing fruit damage and minimizing color bleeding. Two blenders also allow for a long consistent batter floor time if needed. Sanitation is made simple due to heavy duty stainless steel construction, open design and removable bowl cover. The mixing bowl, impeller, bearing housing, tube and valves are 316 stainless steel with the frame being 304 stainless steel. Batter is transferred to the blenders by a stainless steel Wilden or a clean in place Waukesha positive displacement batter pump. We use USDA approved stainless steel tubing, tri-clamp fittings and sanitary Cherry Burrell kettle valves. TSA is committed to continual improvement providing our customers with simple, efficient and reliable systems.

Batter Mixer Specification Brochure
Batter Blending Specification Brochure

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TSA has certainly demonstrated the concept of “partnering with the customer”. We look forward to working with TSA on future projects.
Michael N., Project Manager & The Quaker Oats Hotcake Team