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French Toast Machines

French Toast MachinesFrench Toast Machines Capacity output range: 6,720 to 28,200 French toast slices per hour

French toast slice sizes can vary up to 1″ thick and from 3″ round to 4.5″ square on the “FT” griddles. Our French Toast Machines machines are often called French toast cookers or industrial French toast ovens but make no mistake they are industrial griddles. Our French toast griddle plates are almost 1″ thick and require no oil to aid in product release. The sanitary French toast applicator & slice loader comes with variable speed belt and automatic level control. The French toast applicator has a chilled liquid batter holding reservoir, which is separate from the enrobing tank. The multi axis servo controlled “gentle handling flipper” can be tuned on the fly for those difficult to flip products. Our griddle plates are continuously cleaned by a high temperature brush system. Batter applicator, brush, guards, cladding, control panel and exhaust hood are made from 304 or 316 stainless steel. Our griddle plate temperature control is second to none and can consistently control the massive amount of griddle plates to within plus or minus 3 degrees. The French toast cooker has an automatic ignition, temperature and flame monitoring system for trouble free operation. The French toast maker is controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC/Servo system and interfaced with a panel view 1000. All our griddles have a lockable recipe control system, no more manual set point entry or unauthorized changes. TSA is committed to continual improvement providing our customers with simple, efficient and reliable systems.

French Toast Machine Specification Brochure

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TSA has certainly demonstrated the concept of “partnering with the customer”. We look forward to working with TSA on future projects.
Michael N., Project Manager & The Quaker Oats Hotcake Team